Coffee Farm in Monteverde is a full working Business

USD 3.575.000
Cabeceras, Guanacaste,
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  • October 4, 2023
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Year Built: 2000


Coffee Farm in Monteverde is a full working Business

Sun Real Estate Costa Rica offers you a coffee farm turn-key business opportunity. With this coffee farm, the owner is offering different options. The first option is selling the complete farm and the second is a 50% investment entry into the company like a business partner. Firstly, this very old traditional business is located in Monteverde. Certainly, with the purchase, you will acquire a large, long-established coffee farm. Therefore, it has a great cultivating capacity. The farm has the biggest respective export license with the ICAFE ( Coffee Institute of Costa Rica). the current harvest of 2021 has 83 points, which is the highest top quality.

The coffee quality score developed by the coffee association goes from 0 to 100. Making every product above 80 excellent. None of the other national competing businesses score as high as the Coffee farm in Monteverde. This means it’s a super excellent quality product, which is growing in the gently mountainous landscape surrounding the property. In addition, the cultivation and production will last for generations. The farm has excellent soil, it’s the best for cultivating coffee in the area.

Last year’s production was 18,000 kg of green coffee beans. This year the production has increased and recollected 28,000 kg of green coffee beans. The owners expect production of 37,000 kg of coffee beans in 2023. As you can see the production is growing by thousands of kilograms each year. In order to make the production bigger and optimize the quality of the product, the owner changes the old coffee plants for new ones each year. This year he is renewing 2 hectares with new coffee crops. In the following 2-3 years the remaining 5 hectares of coffee are also going to be re-planted with new coffee plants. With the whole plantation renewed the owner expects to reach a production of around 50,000 kg per year.

This data is very important to have in mind. Experts estimate that the world coffee market is growing faster than production. This year the coffee price increased 20% per kilogram and the price is expected to increase another 20% in 2023. You can sell green coffee beans everywhere. The current owner sells the green coffee beans to whoever makes the best offer. Last year he sold it internationally to Canada and this year he sold it nationally in Costa Rica. Who knows, maybe in other years he will sell it to Germany or USA, it depends on which market makes the best offer.

Coffee Farm Infrastructure

The coffee farm has all the essential buildings to make massive productions. Starting off with two main warehouses. In the first warehouse is the coffee factory equipment for making the green coffee seeds. Green coffee seeds are the main product sold in the coffee market. The second warehouse was built new 3 years ago in 2019 and is nowadays the main storage. On the other hand, the owner also built a building in which the workers live during the harvest season. The harvesting season lasts for 6 months. Right now, he has a current capacity of over 70 employees that could live in these cabins. Even though, nowadays the company works and produces with 40 workers. The owner of the coffee farm fixed all the internal roads, so now the traveling is much easier and quicker.

The newest working system attached to the coffee farm is a water purifier. The owner uses a natural mountain spring water source. This is the cleanest and freshest water and with this, he cleans and works the coffee. 3 big water tanks purify the used dirty water before it is returned back to the river. After the coffee beans are washed with fresh mountain water, of course, the water becomes dirty. With this new purifying system, the owner achieves to clean the used water and return it to the river.

On the same farm, there is 1 hectare of already planted paulownia trees. This is the fasted hardwood growing tree in the world and it’s imported from Germany. It takes 8 years for this tree to fully grow and be ready for usage. Moreover the hectare, there’s also a nursery specializing in coffee and paulownia trees. The coffee nursery contains the best coffee types.

A little bit about the Coffee production

Now, you may be asking yourself how coffee production works. Firstly, you have to harvest the coffee by hand in order to start working on it. When the harvest season starts, workers come to recollect all the coffee beans. The business has an industrial plant to process coffee beans into green beans. Coffee cherries enter the industrial plants, where they get washed and the pulp is removed. Secondly, the resulting seed is dried in special rooms. Finally, they go to the packing and distribution station. Green coffee seed is the main product sold in the world coffee market. The seeds are packed in sacks. Each sack weighs 46 kgs, this is the international coffee measurement. The most important thing to have in mind is that this is a currently active and lucrative business. Remember, coffee is one of the MOST demanded products worldwide.

Monteverde: Must-stop touristic destination

Firstly the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of many treasures in Costa Rica. It’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. Here unique species like the resplendent quetzal are safeguarded. In addition, you may find fungi species that balance our ecosystems. Its located in the mountainous northwest of Costa Rica. The reserve is home to jaguars and other wonderful species. In the charming trails, you can find an intense flora variety. Certainly, there are suspension bridges at a great height. Therefore, you can walk over the foliage of the forest.

Business Investment Option

In case of finding a business partner, the owner offers an entry of 50% to the company. The idea is to work together in making a bigger investment in this coffee farm to make a hotel and restaurant. Also, make beautiful trails with tours throughout the whole coffee farm, that way the guests can understand where the coffee comes from and how it’s made. If you are interested in being a business partner, here is the opportunity. This is a high business opportunity, transforming a coffee farm into a gold mine.

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Address: Cabeceras, Guanacaste
Country: Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica
Open In Google Maps
Property Id : 61379
Price: USD 3.575.000
Property Lot Size: 419,200 m2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Other Features
24 Hour Security
Cable Internet
Cable Television
City Water
Paved Road
Satellite Television

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